Download Jetpack Joyride MOD APK 1.17.1 [Unlimited Coins]

Jetpack Joyride (MOD Unlimited Coins) is a helicopter game released by Halfbrick Studios– producer of Fruit Ninja. The beta version of the game was released on May 11, 2012, on the Facebook platform, then the game switched to other platforms like Android, iOS, Window Phone, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, BlackBerry PlayBook,… The game has quickly attracted a

Airtel’s Wynk Games: Casual gamers rejoice

Airtel has been trying to build its over-the-top (OTT) services portfolio for a while. After coming up with Wynk Music for streaming songs and Wynk Movies for streaming movies, they have come up with Wynk Games. This is an app store in itself, much like the Amazon store or Google Play Store, but solely focusing

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is an app that lets you get around regional restrictions on certain web pages, so you can access any site you want from anywhere in the world. The way TunnelBear VPN works is simple and intuitive. You can see all the accessible tunnels on a map and, to use one, you just have


Telegram is an instant messaging app that, like similar apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, and LINE, gives you a simple, accessible way to communicate with all of your contacts. The main difference between them is that Telegram also offers you increased security and privacy. Telegram’s security options allow you to create private chats with other

Solo Launcher

Solo Launcher is a simple, elegant launcher for Android that not only helps you make your device look great, but also provides you with tons of gesture shortcuts and features that improve the way you use your telephone or tablet. The first thing that will strike you about Solo Launcher is that it is a

TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Tubemate 2.2.5 is a free application that permits you to search, share, and mainly download videos. Tubemate is the best YouTube Downloader over the internet. In addition, you can download videos from Dailymotion, Facebook, Youku, or other HTML5 web pages too. TubeMate 2.2.5 Download for Android is available now! With the use of Tubemate 2.5.5, viewing or downloading videos on your Android devices

How to add someone to a WhatsApp group

WhatsApp can be a very handy tool when you want to chat to multiple friends at once. But let’s say you’ve set up a group with three or more people and you realise you want to add someone else. If you are an administrator of that whatsapp groups– which you will be automatically if you

Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3 is a third-person shooting game where you control Sergeant Wright, a war hero who has to fight the Nazis in the days after the Normandy landings. You control Sergeant Wright and can move him freely throughout the scenes, using cover to protect yourself from enemy fire, and of course shooting all